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Necessary Information Technology

Our focus is to help organizations improve operations through the use of technology while maitaining a secure posture against cyber threats.

Effective Use of Technology

Technology should be viewed as a vehicle to reduce operational costs by increasing productivity and quality.  The “Effective Use of Technology” ideal is a focus on understanding business workflow while weaving technology into the circle of operations.  Necessary Information Technology is committed to delivering cost-effective business enhancing technical solutions.


Virtual Chief Information Officer

The vCIO service is designed for organizations that require assistance developing a direct for technology in their organization


Enterprise Architecture

Designing and deploying enterprise solutions requires a unique technical skillset. NecessaryIT provides a focused approach melding technology, business, and finance factors into solutions that produce success.



The impact of cyber crime in business and personal communities is real. NecessaryIT facilitates the development of a comprehensive approach to raising the security posture using a best of breed approach to information security and assurance.

Analyze Financial Data

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Build a Stronger Relationship Through Pro-Active Tech

Most consultancies operate on a hourly fee or balance of hours on a break fix approach. Building a strong relationship requires a commitment to technological success.  NecessaryIT wants to learn more about your business to develop a complete picture technically and operationally.  The result arms us with the knowledge to help recommend the best customized solution for your organization.

Technology – Center Justified.

The secret to good information technology is understanding the integration of digital assets in the business, operations, and workflow of the organization. The most successful organizations have information technology at the center of the work day.  The management of in

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